The smart metering All Reasonable Steps arrangements are drawing to a close. Once again, each energy supplier will be asked to describe to Ofgem what they have done to get their rollout to where it is today.

Although this time there’s a difference: no ‘binding’ forecasts to point at, and no thresholds to give a degree of comfort.

Just ‘have you done enough, and can you prove it?’

At Engage Consulting, our experts have been at the heart of the GB smart metering programme since 2006. We’ve worked with and for suppliers, and alongside networks and DCC. We’ve advised asset providers and supported BEIS. We have extensive experience of describing and reporting rollout progress to Ofgem.

Our Guide to Smart All Reasonable Steps provides a sense check on your approach, helping to identify gaps before it’s too late. It’s a tool you and your team can use as you plan and write the full story of your smart rollout so far.

If you’d like to discuss anything in the guide, please contact David Speake.

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